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How can I help you?

*Below are some of the major issues that I assist clients with in my practice. The following list is not comprehensive and I’m comfortable working with almost any issue you might have whether it be related to your moods, your relationships, your sleep, your sex, your eating or excessive behaviors. I am happy to work with Adults, Adolescents and Children. Here are just a few of my specialties.

You may be feeling sad and blue or you may be experiencing irritability and excessive anger. Sleep might be problematic (too much or too little) and you might find yourself eating more or less than normal. Perhaps you’re more tired than usual and are having difficulty with concentration. You may be feeling body aches and pains. Maybe you’ve lost the fervor for your work or other interests. This condition is probably affecting your relationships and your work or school. It’s time to get help. Depression can be cured. A combination of psychotherapy and, if warranted, medication could be the answer. There’s no need to suffer from this often-curable disease. The cognitive (thought analysis) approach is a recommended and proven effective treatment method for depression. As we work together, I will custom-design a program for you based on these principles.

Whether you’re worrying excessively about your health or other issues, find yourself easily startled, are having an inordinate amount of fear, having difficulty letting go of disturbing thoughts, having rapid breathing and a rapid heart beat or engaging in repetitive irrational behaviors, you could be suffering from an anxiety disorder. Post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, social anxiety disorder and generalized anxiety disorder are just a few of the many anxiety-based disorders afflicting 16% of the U.S. population during any year. Please take this, the most common of psychiatric disorders seriously, as a lack of treatment could lead to a more complicated condition exacerbated by depression. You do not have to live in fear or avoid the situations causing this disturbance. After a thorough evaluation and analysis of your condition we will develop a focussed treatment approach to gradually eliminate your life-limiting symptoms.

Couples Therapy
One of the greatest desires many of us have is to be engaged in a deeply loving intimate relationship. It may be relatively easy to start a relationship but often couples find it difficult to maintain and build that relationship. Since each partner comes from a different family culture with different values and worldviews, relationships present challenges and also wonderful opportunities to learn and grow. Understanding your individual early experiences in your families of origin that shape your patterns of interacting with each other and the world is important. In our work together I will assist you in understanding these patterns so that you may learn to accept and evolve them to enhance your understanding and affection for each other. You may be avoiding issues based on irrational fears or for some other reasons. In therapy I will also help you to address these problems and resolve them or accept them so that your relationship may flourish in its diversity. I beleive an ideal relationship allows for each person to fully express their individuality while creating a shared sense of purpose.